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Attractive new design in six versions: the REVUE THOMMEN Diver collection brings back one of the most successful models of the last 30 years as an original GT Thommen Watch.

Revue Thommen Diver

Kona Blackwater

Wherever you are, the underwater world changes drastically after sunset: Predators begin their hunts, bioluminescent algae glow in the endless black, and in the district of Kona on Hawai’i Island the moon is being replaced. On the sandy seabed massive spotlights turn on as dozens of people wait anxiously for what happens next: Clouds of plankton are drawn to the light of these artificial moons, and they bring with them the stars of this unique experience: giant manta rays. They glide majestically through the darkness, gracefully dancing around the lights, shades of black against an even darker sea.

Revue Thommen Diver

Barracuda Point

Located just offshore of Sippadan Island in Malysia, Barracuda Point is famous for its large swarms of pelagic fish, beautiful coral reefs and of course the iconic “barracuda balls”. A Mecca for divers and snorkelers alike, Barracuda Point offers the whole variety of fauna and flora that Oceania is famous for.The deep blue and shimmering steel could remind one of the sleek and streamlined fish itself, or of the dense spheres in which thousands of them contrast darkly against the surrounding ocean.

Revue Thommen Diver

Coral Garden

Green Island off the coast of Australia is well known for its beautiful corals and serene seagrass meadows. The calm and shallow waters around the island are home to many of the great barrier reefs diverse inhabitants. Especially the abundance of green sea turtles –admired for their grace and mostly a rare sight due to a dwindling population- draws in many tourists from around the world. The rich green of turtles and seagrass might or might not have played a role in naming the island, but it is definitely a shade of life not found anywhere else.

Revue Thommen Diver

Silfra Fissure

Running straight underneath Iceland, the Silfra fissure is known among water sports enthusiasts and geologists alike, as this rift is formed by the North American and the Eurasian tectonic plates drifting apart. While Fauna and Flora are rather sparce, the mesmerizing shapes and colours of the rock formations are more than enough to satisfy any diver taking on the cold waters. Dark valleys open up between light cliffs, some too narrow to place a finger in, some wide enough to realize you are swimming between continents.

Revue Thommen Diver

Wonder Reef

This year Gold City on the east coast of Australia will open a new attraction for divers, snorkelers, marine biologists and ecologists: Wonder Reef. A landscape of kinetic sculptures and other manmade structures just outside the main city beach will not only help battle the loss of reef area and biodiversity, but also serve as a “field lab” for scientists and a playground for recreational divers. An ambitious project of curated nature, Wonder Reef will be a remarkable example of human and natural coexistence.

Revue Thommen Diver

Roca Redona

One of many world class dive sites of the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador, Roca Redona offers a myriad of endemic marine life and mesmerizing landscapes above and below the surface. The Galapagos Islands are famous for their unique wildlife and abundance of endemic species, of which the marine iguana is certainly one of the more astounding: It is the only known modern lizard to live a marine lifestyle and almost exclusively feed on algae. Usually a rather plain looking animal, they shimmer in tones of red and bronze when sunbathing after one of their dives.


Recreational diving has undergone many changes in the past fifty years, and humans around the globe have started to explore the diverse beauties waiting just below the surface. From the caves of Mexico to the fjords of Norway and the coral reefs of Indonesia, be it alpine lakes or the open ocean, there will be people diving, snorkelling, swimming and discovering.

It is said that there is but one ocean: one body of water spanning the earth, rooted in the smallest creek, globally connected. And yet containing uncountable ecosystems, a nearly incomprehensible diversity of life. To explore these worlds has long been a shared passion of the Thommen Family, making it extra satisfying to present the Revue Thommen Diver in a modernized look and six colour variations, suited for every form of aquatic exploration: Be it a brief swim or snorkelling, a technical wreck dive or just a day at the beach.

And while it would be impossible to represent the many facets of the underwater world in our collection, here are six renowned locations for water sports enthusiasts of all sorts; 

Water resistence

20 ATM / 660 feet


New with ceramic diving bezel and clearly readable numbers


Automatic movement
Sellita SW200-1


43.5 mm


Swiss Super-LumiNova®


Flat sapphire crystal with
magnifying lens at 3 o’clock

Case thickness & diameter

12.2 mm / 43.5 mm


316L stainless-steel case

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