Reliable and shock-resistant in sport and military operations

July 8, 2021

Reliable timekeeping and stability have shaped the 168 years of our company tradition. In the early days of the watch industry, qualities such as shock resistance and water resistance were naturally not among the attributes of a timepiece. Pocket watches were handled with care and protected in the waistcoat pocket on the watch chain like a raw egg. Then came the wristwatches – and they were suddenly exposed to new requirements. On the wrist, the watch had to withstand shocks, even more so in sport than in daily life. Wristwatches were supposed to be tough. But they were not. In the 1930s, THOMMEN therefore invested in processes to protect the watches effectively against impacts and the effects of the weather. The REVUE Sport was born. We have dedicated a separate chapter on our website to this iconic watch: LINK.

REVUE Sport won over an American audience with a stunt: a plane dropped the watch over New York’s Central Park. The watches are said to have still worked after the impact. In any case, because of its shock resistance, the REVUE Sport was widely used, even in the military sector, where its stability was particularly appreciated. On our website you can read from the pen of military watch specialist Konrad Knirim which armies (the British as well as the German) relied on movements and watches from THOMMEN (LINK) The members of the legendary Swiss Parachute Grenadier Company 17 also appreciated instruments from Revue Thommen during their missions. Today we are more and more convinced of this: important features of THOMMEN’s DNA are reliability and stability. That is why we have asked designers and watch engineers to think about the core themes of stability and solidity. Soon we will report on them here. In our opinion, both features are indispensable building blocks for the development of the next generation of THOMMEN watches. We are working on this and are curious about your expectations of our watch. Write us!

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