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January 26, 2022

The traditional REVUE THOMMEN line for all fans of THOMMEN watches will be back in spring with an attractive collection: The most successful Revue Thommen models from the past 35 years with a new look and proven technology: REVUE THOMMEN Diver and REVUE THOMMEN Airspeed, original GT THOMMEN watches with our original company warranty and a certificate of authenticity.

In the August 2021 blog, I have written about the extensive history of Revue Thommen Airspeed and THOMMEN during the development and production of aeroplane chronometers and aircraft instruments, and a chapter is dedicated to Revue Thommen Airspeed under “Icon Watches” on our website.

65 years of Thommen Diver

A lesser-known fact is that Revue Thommen produced a unique and popular diving watch as early as in the 60s in the last century. At the time, diving watches were produced primarily for military deployments – that’s not the case with Revue Thommen. Revue Thommen’s diving watches feature a stylish design, and people wore them on their wrist every day. Scuba diving was in its infancy, and I myself had worn a Revue Thommen diving watch with functional rotating bezel for my first certification as a scuba diver.

Meanwhile, requirements for diving watches have rightly become more stringent in the meantime, even if dive computers have supplanted diving watches in sport diving. 200m water resistance, legible digits, screwable crown, secure rotating bezels. We have decided to re-equip our REVUE THOMMEN Divers with a ceramic lunette and with the proven Sellita 200. The REVUE THOMMEN Diver is optionally available with a steel or rubber band.

Grovana, our licensee from 2001 to 2014, also produced several Revue Thommen Divers. However, this production licence expired in 2014. Grovana still has the right to sell watches from stock that were branded with Revue Thommen before 2014. GT Thommen Watch AG does not provide any guarantee for these watches.

Attractive and successful models

Swiss watch designer David Gagnebin has reworked the design and technology of the successful models and developed what we believe is an attractive, new collection. Here’s what he has to say about it: ‘I chose a font for the lunette that is modern and yet legible, in order to give the watch its special character. The engraving on the back identifies the watch as an original, developed by the Thommen family’.


As the face of the fifth generation of THOMMEN watches, I am extraordinarily happy about this traditional and modern collection of Revue Thommen watches in an appealing price segment. Here you will find the REVUE THOMMEN Diver andREVUE THOMMEN Airspeed collection. It will be available in our online shop in a few weeks.

4 Responses

  1. I am following in the footsteps of US presidents.
    I have a nice watch collection, and my Revue Tommen is the only i need.
    Strong, keep good time, wear comfortable, and it looks great.
    The Sellita movement is a very good choice to put in the case while it is reliable.
    An other watch in my collection from an other brand with a Sellita movement run very reliable.
    SW200.1 exactly with a day date complication and date only.

    When somebody search for a strong and good looking watch for a price that is almost a miracle for what you get, i will give the advice, take a Revue Thommen.

    To follow real in the footsteps of US presidents, i want to collect a Cricket.
    A Vulcain is possible.
    The need to own a mechanical alarm watch is high.

  2. I have four of the new driver watches. I got them with the bracelet and rubber band.
    They come in a very presentable case with the authentication from Andreas .
    The communication from Andreas is superb.
    These new drivers are beautiful and very functional.
    I own over 100 watches and find myself wearing the Thommen originals every day.
    This is family run company and when you purchase a watch you will be taken care like a member of the Thommen family.

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