Thommen watches are back

December 9, 2021

As the face of the fifth Thommen generation, I have once again assumed operational leadership of GT Thommen Watch AG and with it the watch brands of THOMMEN’s watch factory – founded in 1853 – nearly two years ago. Over the course of its nearly 170-year history, THOMMEN has manufactured hundreds of thousands of pocket watches, instrument panel chronometers for aeroplanes and railways, and – of course – wristwatches, and THOMMEN has personalized them under the brands ‘G.Thommen’, ‘G.T.’, ‘Revue’, and – since 1985 – ‘REVUE THOMMEN’, among others.

REVUE THOMMEN with a new look

In a few weeks, we will be back with our attractive collection of the most successful REVUE THOMMEN models from years past with a new look and with proven technology: REVUE THOMMEN Diver and REVUE THOMMEN Airspeed, originals from GT Thommen Watch AG with an original guarantee from our company and a certificate of authenticity.You can read all about the REVUE THOMMEN collection in the next blog.

Next Generation THOMMEN

Over the past year, we have pressed ahead with developing the next generation of THOMMEN watches with plenty of energy and enthusiasm for the values and DNA of our corporate tradition. I have already discussed our thoughts and insights on the matter in previous blogs. -> ‘Reliable and shock-resistant in sports and military operations’ and -> ‘Airspeed: Accuracy for pilots and aeroplanes’.

Together with experienced watchmakers and creative designers, we have developed the next generation of THOMMEN watches that stand out due to a clear design language and, in terms of technology, are characterized by extraordinarily high shock resistance and sturdiness. We want to showcase the values of our DNA on our wrist. In light of our long-standing tradition of manufacturing aeroplane chronometers and aircraft instruments, the first of our top models will be the THOMMEN Airspeed. Learn more about the next generation of THOMMEN Airspeed here.

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